“Share The Fare” For an Authentic Hawkers Experience

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On the streets of Asia, hawker dishes are typically shared amongst a group of friends and family.  Each member of the party selects a different hawker stall and retrieves their favorite items. The group reconvenes at a communal table and shares the dishes and drinks so everyone can try the wide variety of menu items.

Our dynamic-dining format is heavily inspired by this idea. When you order your scratch-Asian food at Hawkers Asian Street Fare, it will come out made-to-order, just as it would at a hawker stall. This ensures your food is at its peak freshness, and the perfect temperature to enjoy.

Of course, some guests may choose to have their own meal and that’s OK too, but for larger parties, sharing in a family-style meal is a great way to sample tons of unique flavors in one meal.

Here at Hawkers, we wanted to provide that same variety of flavor to our guests, which is why we provide a small-plate oriented menu where sharing is encouraged!

Authentic Food, Real Experiences

Sharing authentic food and experiences from the streets of Asia is an important part of what Hawkers is all about. This is why instead of forks, you’ll find a tin of chopsticks on your table at Hawkers Asian Street Fare. Next time you’re with us, give them a try! After all, that’s what you’d experience at a hawker stand in Asia.

Haven’t quite honed your chopstick skills yet? Never fear, a fork is happily delivered upon request!





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