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Employee Newsletter Q1 2019

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What do we sell?


Last week, we broke our companywide revenue record with sales of over $500k in a week. For several weeks running, Charlotte is breaking the daily sales record. We are on pace to double our revenue from 2018 to 2019. With all this talk about revenue, it begs to ask “what do we sell?” Why do people keep coming to Hawkers and love it so much?


Is it the incredible flavors – the wok hei?
Is it a highly curated beverage program that was just elevated?
Is it over-the-top service that makes each guest feel as if they are the only guest?

Is it the eclectic interiors where no detail is overlooked?


The answer is YES! All of these (^) and more contribute to why our guests choose to spend their hard-earned money at Hawkers – they are buying an experience. Creating a memorable experience means that every detail of every facet must be executed flawlessly from the first engagement to the moment we invite our guests back in. A proper experience is one in which all the pieces work together in harmony to create a symphony for your senses – the feeling of inclusiveness when a hostess greets you with a smile, the glow of the neon light reminiscent of the streets of Asia, and of course the bold flavors that either create a new memory or bring you back to an old one.


As the season kicks in and our restaurants become increasingly busier, let’s not take for granted why our guests keep coming back. Good food is not enough. Good service is not enough. Good décor is not enough. Our guests are entitled to a memorable experience – a symphony – because that’s what we have promised them. Each and every one.


Kaleb, CEO/Co-Founder

A proper experience is one in which all the pieces work together in harmony to create a symphony for your senses.




William Perez-Valines, known to Team Mills as “Saint Will”, is the epitome of Hawkers culture. He is a hard worker who is dedicated to making everyone’s day with his presence. Described as someone who is always down to help, there isn’t a shift or position in the restaurant he isn’t willing to work. Will inspires his fellow team members by always having a great attitude and accompanies it with his sense of humor. Mills is a better place for having Will on our team. Fun Facts: Will has developed an award-winning indie game called “Hollowed” that can be found on Steam and is also said to be Dance Dance Revolution aficionado.

– Jeff Hatsady | Mills GM





As we all know, Hawkers’ food is held to a excellent standard so I’m not going to go on about that but what was remarkable, was the customer service. In my two years of being in the United States, I think that my hostess Sophie and server Cole succeeded in delivering the best customer service in my eating experience thus far. They were so sweet and met you with genuine smiles. If not the amazing food at Hawkers, go for the incredible people on staff.



Our Charlotte, NC location has opened and Atlanta, GA is right around the corner. Both locations incorporate local mural art, and our proprietary ‘street’ signage and poster installations.


From streamlining tools to something new on The Streets, Team Training is focused on catering to teams. Allergen guides and Drink pairing guides are designed to make your job easier and feedback on what we can improve for you is always welcomed! Coming soon is The Street, your destination for all things Hawkers. Communication, information and training will be on The Street for every one of our Team Members. Be on the lookout for an April launch!



As you know, here at Hawkers we are always looking to grow our team with talented people, just like you! With all the growth in our future we are constantly posting management job openings. All our management job postings are up to date on our website ( We’ve made access easy for you and when you login to your self service portal on Paylocity you will see a weblink with our current openings. We are committed to chatting with all our internal candidates so check out all our available opportunities today.

Know anyone who is looking for a job this summer? Refer any candidate to an hourly job at Hawkers and get $100 on your paycheck once the employee completes training. Just make sure the candidate put your name under the “How did you hear about us?” question on the application (some restrictions apply). For more information regarding the employee referral program ask your manager for the full policy.


The employee survey will run from Mach 25th – April 7th. We love reading all your feedback and will continue to make changes based on all of your recommendations. Thank you for keeping the culture alive and being part of our growing team.


Soup Dumplings

We’ve all heard the hype, and maybe some of you have even tried the elusive “soup dumpling” in New York, California, or, of course, dim sum in Asia. I even make them at home – but it’s by the dozen, not by the thousand. Foodie forums, yelpers, and food bloggers across the southeast are on the quest for someone to execute this dish properly.

So, what is it and what’s the big deal?

A soup dumpling or xiaolongbao is a wrapped dumpling that looks something like a wonton that’s filled with a small “meatball” that’s swimming in rich, bone broth – yes, there is actually soup inside the dumpling! Creating one is a very meticulous process from broth to wrapper, requiring tedious detail to the wrapping of the dumpling. If even slightly incorrect, the dumpling will break or leak and all the broth drains out of it before a customer gets to enjoy it.

For months the culinary team has been brainstorming on how we could be the first ones to introduce our markets to xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), and finally we have the opportunity. This Saturday, March 30 th , at our Beard in Baldwin event in downtown Orlando, we will be featuring a crab and pork soup dumpling! This event is arguably the premier culinary event in Orlando where everyone brings their A-game – what better place to flex our culinary muscles a little!

Our bone broth consists of beef bones, trotters, chickens’ feet, shitake, kombu, dashi, and much more. This broth starts with 30 gallons, then reduces to just 3 gallons for a super concentrated flavor. The secret, then, is in getting the soup into the dumpling (you’ll have to attend the event to get the scoop on that step!). Once all wrapped up, the dumplings are steamed in a bamboo steamer basket and served with black vinegar and fresh julienne ginger.

The execution so difficult that we will not be rolling these out in stores anytime in the near future. So pack an overnight, bring your insta-famous friends and switch your iPhones to Portrait mode, because you won’t want to miss a limited rollout of Hawkers Soup Dumplings at Beard in Baldwin this weekend!

(And if you can’t make the event, follow us on the ‘gram for a play-by-play!)


Pump up the Jams, pump it up

Music is one of the easiest ways to enhance our atmosphere. Because of this, we pushed play on a new playlist for each Hawkers location. It’s all part of a grander plan to revamp the guest experience to be more brand centered. Our soundtrack compiles throwback jams with the some of the best indie tracks, with intensity and energy to match the flow of our visitors. So, crank up the volume and jam out with us!


Bravo, Jason i. 01/01
Russ, Kenneth 01/01
Tibbs, Kimberly A. 01/01
Mendez Fernandez, Axel 01/02
Kennedy, Shirley M. 01/02
Gonzalez, Alexander 01/02
Perez, Byron 01/02
Colson, James 01/05
Perez, Mikey 01/06
Jonas, Antoinette 01/08
Redd, Salina B. 01/08
Britnell, Sean 01/08
Thomas, Kaitlyn 01/08
Marroquin, Valerie 01/09
Baker, Ken W. 01/10
Lo, Allen C. 01/11
Ebanks, Joshua D. 01/12
Jecino, Jessica 01/12
Allen, Susan E. 01/13
Garner, John D. 01/16
Sheppard, Ian G. 01/16
Gomez, Pedro 01/17
Bastian, Dane A. 01/19
Ebraheem, Adel 01/20
Fiocco, Gia 01/20
Graley, Rachel 01/22
Thompson, Steven L. 01/22
Jimenez, Julio 01/22
Bruns, Haley 01/23
Hawk, Brian 01/24
Rivera, Erik 01/24
Mendoza, Tyler G. 01/25
Haynes, Tyonna 01/25
Ramirez Rosales, Esvin 01/26
Felix, Julio 01/26
Lopez, Viviana 01/27
Roberson, Kaniya M. 01/27
Walker, Jessica S. 01/28
Ludwig, Stephanie N. 01/28
Cambra, Justin 01/28
Peart, Michael G. 01/29
Evans, Jonathan 01/29
Lopez, Israel 01/30
Lyons, Frank 01/30
Robinson, Warnzell Y. 01/30
Hernandez, Christian 01/31
Blount, Marcia P. 01/31
Whitney, Nicholas 01/31
Garcia Rodriguez, Lilian S. 02/01
El, Ihsan W. 02/01
Jones, Frances R. 02/02
Thompson-Green, Gabriel P. 02/03
Kim, Skye K. 02/03
Orozco, Urbano 02/03
Lawson, Garth 02/05
Weber, Thomas A. 02/06
Yelverton, Melissa 02/07
Tzul, Romeo 02/08
Hoover, Dymetrice 02/10
Lewis, Joseph A. 02/10
Padgett, Jermaine K. 02/11
Rivers, Alec T. 02/12
Hernandez, Edith 02/12
Morgan, Tariq T. 02/12
Hernandez, Edith 02/12
Ronzon, Jennifer 02/13
Clark, Jammie 02/13
Williams, Jessica 02/14
Lee, Azaria U. 02/14
Mindrup, Monica 02/15
Steward, Jadon A. 02/15
Sutton, Meredith J. 02/15
Casiano, Kyle F. 02/15
Espinoza, Ana I. 02/15
Stevens, Spencer 02/16
Watson , Jaques R. 02/16
Gomez Lucas, Sandra M. 02/18
Mollenhoff, Grant R. 02/22
Smith, Kaitlin A. 02/23
Gray, Bailey E. 02/24
Valverde , Jaime D. 02/25
Parwi, Lesa 02/25
Zavattiere, Anthony j. 02/26
Lambert, Christian 02/27
Vega-Colon, Rafael A. 02/27
Garcia, Melia 02/28
Hatsady, Jeffrey 02/28
Odonnell, Kaitlin R. 03/01
Cano, Rafael 03/02
Vela, Nahomy 03/03
Pozgar, Katie 03/04
Henriquez, Carolina J. 03/05
Walker, Andie L. 03/07
Suwandana, Komang 03/07
Wiggins, John 03/08
Campanella, Jordyn M. 03/08
Walker, Chelsea M. 03/09
Perry, Heather 03/09
Castro Calderon, Jenny 03/09
Dabney, Kiarra Y. 03/10
Tran, Jackson H. 03/11
Labrado, Gianina 03/12
Burns, Thomas L. 03/15
Walsh, Keith 03/17
Dalke-Dupey, Daniel M. 03/17
Vera, Cesar J. 03/18
Roach, Tyonna J. 03/18
Field, Robert F. 03/20
Cross, Hannah 03/20
Field, Robert 03/20
Lewis, Ryan C. 03/21
Lomax, Jerrell 03/22
Burrows, Breyana 03/23
Quirce, Anthony 03/24
Santiago, Tiffany L. 03/24
Cobb, Jennifer m. 03/25
Garza, Cole E. 03/28
Buckley, Casey 03/29
Oliver, Krystal A. 03/29
Francois, Kare-lina 03/29
Pletzer, Lauren 03/29
Adams, India 03/30
Orrico, Michael 03/30

Employee Newsletter Q4 2018

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Constant improvement.

It’s one of the things I love about an organization that’s growing at 4 times the speed of the average growth company – we are constantly tweaking and improving.  

In 2016, Allen, Wayne, Kin and I locked ourselves in a room with a whiteboard and some laptops for 7 days.  We knew we had to find a way to convey what was in our heads and hearts onto paper in the form of our company mission and values – our identity.  After a lot of team building, some healthy debate and a few high fives, we emerged with what we know to be the core of Hawkers’ philosophy – be disruptive, always care, and never compromise – and values – people, pioneering spirit, perseverance, and a profitability mindset.  None of those things will ever change, but we ARE finding ways to describe them better and make them more relevant.

As we talked through incorporating these further into our training, we realized that the team needed an answer to “why are we here?”; we needed to find a home for those words that will always ring true – be disruptive, always care, never compromise; and we needed a fifth value that explained a piece of our culture that already exists but wasn’t on paper – pride in our work.

Enter Heart of Hawkers.

We now have a one page document that embodies the heart and soul of Hawkers – and with rapid growth on the horizon, it couldn’t have come at a better time.  As you read the Heart of Hawkers, it is my hope that the words will reflect steps we are taking to invest in our culture and that each of you will find more meaning and deeper relevance in the three pillars – our mantra that describes how we operate day in and day out, our mission that explains why we exist, and our values that describe the character we should all strive to live by.

I can’t think of a better way to enter a season of joy and giving than by celebrating the mission and values that bring us together as a family.  Happy holidays to you and yours and here’s to an amazing 2019!

Kaleb, CEO & Founder






Jessica Jimenez is our star bartender at the Windermere location. She goes above and beyond with all her guests and has many frequent regulars. Jessica is a team player that is always willing to help everyone with a smile on her face. Her cleaning skills are far beyond amazing And she never misses a single detail. We are very lucky to have her on our team. Her peers adores her, our Kitchen loves her, and the management team appreciates her for all her hard work.

– Ron Auyong | Windermere GM





We drove 2 hours just to go here, and it was so worth it!! First off, our waiter Tony was so funny and welcoming. He made our experience exceptional. Onto the food: we got the udon, pad thai, chicken and tofu curries, roti with peanut curry sauce (SO GOOD), summer rolls, and the papaya and mango salad. Between 5 people, these dishes left us feeling perfectly filled! I’d like to especially highlight the roti and the curry. Those two dishes really impressed us with the sauce and spices. We’ll definitely be returning soon, next time we’re in Florida! If you come here, ask for Tony. You won’t regret it!!



Hawkers HQ has been an uphill battle, but we are nearing the finish line. Commissary is on pace to move this week with the full office move scheduled for mid-January. We are excited to see our new home finally coming together.


Atlanta and Charlotte are progressing nicely and are well underway. We are scheduled for Grand Openings in Charlotte on February 5th and Atlanta on March 13th. In case you don’t have it marked on your calendar this means that our Charlotte Grand Opening will fall on Chinese New Year! Look out Charlotte!


You know the feeling our guests have when the host is excited to see them, they have friendliest service ever and the roti with curry dipping sauce is the most delicious thing they ever ate? That’s the feeling we want all of our new team members to have. Our first impression is just as important to a new hire as it is to a guest.

And it’s not just about them. A fun, engaging welcome to a new person makes your job easier. New team members who feel welcomed and supported get up to speed an average of 78% faster than someone who shows up, meets a trainer and a couple of other folks and just learns the job. When you make this happen, you get a new team mate who makes awesome happen at warp speed. Plus, you are making memories for the new kids – their first days at Hawkers!

What 5 star memories will you make for your new team members?



We are thrilled to roll out our brand new “Mantra Pin”. We appreciate the level of commitment, loyalty and passion that all our employees put forth in their day to day work at Hawkers and we wanted to find a fun way to recognize you! Here’s how it works, if your manager sees you exemplifying our Mantra of “Be Disruptive” , “Always Care”, and “Never Compromise” they have the opportunity to award you with a layer of the Mantra Pin. Each pin is unique on it’s own, but all three make up the Hawkers Logo and is a fun way to show off your skills. The pins will be sent to stores this week. Thank you for all that each of you do for Hawkers every day, we know you could choose any place to work and sincerely appreciate giving us the opportunity to be your second home.


Don’t forget to take the upcoming employee opinion survey that will run from 12/24-1/6, we value all of your opinions and encourage you to be specific as possible. We are always making changes based on what you say and this is one of the best ways for us to get a pulse on how you feel and what we need to do better.

Thanks in advance for devoting your time and providing candid input!


Winter is here and with it comes the return of noodle soups! Don’t get me wrong, I’m slurping all year long, but there’s nothing like a steaming bowl of broth when the temperature starts to drop. What I love most is the variety of soups that starts to unfold as the seasons change – noodle soups of all shapes and sizes emerge! Of course, everyone is familiar with the staples like chicken noodle soup or Vietnamese pho – those classic go to bowls of “stay-home-from-work-with-a-cold” (or maybe “got-a-little-too-wild-last-night-and-need-a-bowl-of-pho-bigger-than-my-head”). But, there are so many more variations, each with its own layers of complexity. Soups have come a long way since that top ramen you made in the dorm room microwave!

The proud chefs of today’s generational soup recipes tend to their enormous cauldrons of broth with great affection. These master soups are never emptied, but only added to – more bones, more onions – building on yesterday’s flavors. I love the idea of a broth that intensifies over time, the same way cast iron benefits from being properly seasoned through years and years of use. Most soup aficionados agree, the broth is most important part of the bowl… HOWEVER it’s not the ONLY part of the perfect bowl of soup.

Choosing the appropriate noodle is an art in and of itself. Don’t let anyone tell you differently – size matters! The viscosity of your broth (how syrupy or watery it is) should determine which noodle you pair with it. The rule of thumb is simple – the thicker the broth, the thicker the noodle – but the science behind it is what’s interesting. It comes down to surface area. The thicker the noodle, the less gaps you will have in between each noodle to hold broth. The thinner the noodle, the more gaps. The idea is a thin broth will not cling to noodles as well, and will require more gaps in between thin noodles to hold the flavorful broth. When done properly, this approach helps create the perfect “soup-to-noodle” ratio in every bite – something fun to keep in mind the next time you are standing over your cauldron of broth (or hitting up your favorite pho spot).

Slurp on!


Street Threads

We’ve rolled out a change that we’re super stoked about. At Hawkers, we’ve got a flair for trends. We lovingly refer to our uniforms as ‘Street Threads’ and recognize that what you WEAR to work can influence WHERE you want to work. Feel empowered by the clothes you’re in and take creative liberties with graphic tees and accessories. Simply put, streetwear is the best way to communicate that our brand has a style that merits a double-tap on the ‘gram.


Estrada, Carlos A. 10/01
Jefferson, Charles 10/03
Weldon, Alecia M. 10/04
Perez, Roslaia 10/05
DiSalvo, Natalia I. 10/05
Bravo, BeBlin 10/05
McCanless, Elizabeth A. 10/06
Stephen, Thomas P. 10/09
Lackey, John G. 10/09
Groff, Matthew P. 10/09
Collum, Michael T. 10/10
Ali, Syed 10/10
Nebeker, Josh 10/11
Ryan, Michael E. 10/11
Rodriguez, Juan 10/11
Rock, Kelly 10/11
Begley, Brittany N. 10/12
Robinson, Liane 10/14
Herran, Sophia 10/14
Renner, Margaret 10/14
Johnson, Macon 10/15
Hodges, Destinee 10/16
Bass, Casey J. 10/22
LanTroop, Jonathan 10/23
Amos, Courtney 10/24
Machuca, Yesenia 10/25
Waldron, Laurent K. 10/25
Isma, Sedeline 10/25
Friel, Eduard 10/27
Neil, Stephanie 10/28
Gomez, Fernando 10/28
Beck, Keith A. 10/29
Bierschied, Michael 10/29
Pennant, Darien 10/29
Reeves, Spencer D. 10/31
Bridgelal, Karena S. 10/31
Novoa, Andrea G. 11/02
Kreglo, Danielle L. 11/05
Vu, Linda 11/06
Murphy, Ashley 11/07
Tzul, Pedro 11/08
Quineche, Mario 11/08
Brown, Cameron 11/12
Ha, Samantha 11/13
Denisty, Jayfray 11/16
Rivera-Rodriguez, Tomas 11/21
Slichter, Dieter V. 11/22
Hutchings, Sandra 11/26
Alexander, Algie 11/27
Perez, Marvin 11/29
Kopelke, Michael D. 11/30
Vasquez, Jilder O. 12/02
Wash, Cortni 12/03
Hernandez, Marilu 12/03
Rowe, John 12/05
Roman, Amanda S. 12/05
Loeks, Madison 12/06
Perez, Dany 12/08
Wigington, James B. 12/10
Rosene, Jean 12/10
Marquez, Nathean 12/10
Rose, Naomi 12/11
Jackson, Ernest 12/12
Walker, Lindsay M. 12/12
Wigington, Kayn N. 12/12
Kirkwood, Justin A. 12/13
Fagen, Sara J. 12/16
Sadio, John 12/19
Derrico, Eric 12/22
Espinoza, Loreto 12/23
Huizing, Tyler J. 12/23
Steven, Gregory 12/24
Otero, Maria V. 12/26
Poole, Sterling 12/27
Karnoza, Yuliia 12/27
Forch, Blaine 12/27
Perez, Anthony 12/28
Santos, Nicholas 12/29
Huynh, Eva 12/30
Helms, Amber L. 12/31
Holland, Patrick T. 12/31

Share good food Get good fortune

Happy Hawkerdays

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It’s that time of year again! This holiday season, when you give the gift of Hawkers, you will get a little something in return. For every $25 spent on gift cards for your friends and family, you will receive a $5 bonus card that can be used towards your next visit.

Come in between November 21, 2018 and December 31, 2018 to take advantage of this holiday offer!

Buy $25 purchase of gift card(s), get a $5 bonus card.

Buy $50 purchase of gift card(s), get a $10 bonus card.

Buy $100 purchase of gift card(s), get a $20 bonus card.






Gift Cards may only be used for future purchases (not same day).

$50 values may be split across cards in $25 increments.

$100 values may be split across cards in $50 or $25 increments.

Cards can be used at any Hawkers location toward any food/beverage purchase.

Gift card value does not expire. Please make sure to verify all values after issuing cards.

Skip the Straw

Skip the Straw

September 11th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Skip the Straw”

The average person uses 1.6 straws per day. It’s no wonder they’re among the top ten items collected every year during Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. In fact, volunteers have picked up more than 9 million straws and stirrers from beaches and waterways over the 30+ year history of the International Coastal Cleanup!

Unfortunately, many more continue to make their way into our ocean, where they pose a real danger to sea turtles, albatross, fish and other ocean wildlife.

In an effort to help reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans and waterways, we here at Hawkers will no longer be offering plastic straws to our guests. While plastic straws will still be available to guests upon request, we urge you to take a stand with us and help combat this growing epidemic.

As a way to show our support and kick-off this movement, Hawkers will be giving away stainless steel straws to each of our guests who come in to the restaurants between October 11th and 14th. This straw is our gift to you to show our thanks for your support to this cause!

To learn more about the skip the straw initiative and to make the pledge to skip the straw, visit:

one straw per bar guest, while supplies last. Color options may vary by location and availability. 

Employee Newsletter Q3 2018

September 10th, 2018 Posted by Newsletter 0 thoughts on “Employee Newsletter Q3 2018”

It’s an exciting time to be a Hawker!

It seems like just yesterday that the other founders and I were cutting up newspapers and laying epoxy on that first set of tables in Mills50. Little did we know that restaurant would be doing $4M a year in revenue and be one of 5 units with 3 more under construction.

But, as they say, the best is yet to come! We talk a lot about our unit growth and expansion (which is in itself VERY exciting), but even more exciting to me is watching our team and culture develop.

This inaugural version of our quarterly newsletter is just one more representation of our team walking the wok (see what I did there?). We have been talking about (and genuinely desiring) a culture of inclusiveness and belonging, and we are finally seeing the needle move in the form of tangible results that you, our team, can see and feel.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter, and thank you to each of you who continue to stand beside us in our mission to disrupt the industry and prove that there is a better way.

Happy reading!

– Kaleb, CEO & Founder




July Sales and Profit



Christian has been with the company for some time and has done a lot of growing. I have been able to witness Christian transition from being a kid skating through his twenties to really focusing on what he wants to do with himself. Recently he came to me with some requests and even though I could only meet him half way, I in return gave him some goals to achieve and not only did he achieve them, but he did more than what was asked of him. He is always quick to help a team member front or back, ensures that his dishes are correct for the guests because he has pride in what he does, and has the greatest sense of urgency. Christian is now our newest BOH shift leader in development and I look forward to seeing him move forward in his career with Hawkers. He is 100% bought in and is an asset to the 5 Points team.

– Lindsey Doyle | 5 Points GM





The food is so insanely tasty! It’s really the next step- bringing all of the best that Asian cuisine has to offer in small inexpensive portions. So you can taste several completely different dishes for less than $10 each. Yaki Udon, Bork Belly Baos, Roti Canai. Start with those and you’ll realize why this place is so incredibly special. Sit at the bar and ask your bartender to wow you (Jeff). He made this the total dining experience. I have never met a more well rounded mixologist in my life. Making the ordinary drink into extraordinary beverage. Thank you for an amazing experience! The bartending staff deserves round of applause for their efforts. They not only know the menu like no other restaurant, but they are able to cater to each customers requests almost without saying anything. It’s truly amazing. I don’t yelp a lot but here’s to you all. Thank you for an amazing night of food and drink.



Hawkers HQ is fully underway, and we should expect for it to be move-in ready by late November. This space will feature some great design aspects as well as amenities galore ensuring that the Central Kitchen team will never want to go home. Seated firmly in downtown Orlando on Church Street, HHQ will surely bring a lot of attention.


Atlanta Studio plex is under construction and is expected to open in January of 2019. Attached to the new Atlanta Beltline, this one will be a contender for the coolest Hawkers to date.


Charlotte is in construction and will be neck and neck with Atlanta for the first opening of 2019. There is a ton of buzz in Charlotte around our opening, so we can expect to create some serious Hawkers fans right away.


New Term you’ll be seeing. “Spiel” is getting a makeover. “Share” will be the new term for teams when it comes to guiding guests through their Hawkers experience! Please include this in your team touch bases and start sharing the Share. (Yes, we’re using it as a noun and a verb).



In all your locations we are getting ready to launch a “shout out” board. This is a peer-to-peer recognition tool and is a way for you to appreciate and connect with other team members. Do your best to spread this idea and keep the ripple effect of gratitude going. Pay attention to workplace outcomes, behaviors, processes, & styles that are positive and well done, share those observations on the shout out board and have an #attitudeofgratitude


The Q3 employee opinion survey will run from September 24th – September 30th. The survey will be available via Hot Schedules for the entire week. We first launched this survey last quarter and are well on our way to making some changes listed in the comments section such as adding pre-shifts (thanks to the training team and Store Leads), introducing employee of the month and getting waterproof aprons for all the Dishwashers. Last quarter we received 26% and we’d love to get 100% participation to ensure that each employee’s voice is heard. When you see the link in Hot Schedule on the 24th, please give it your prompt attention.

Thanks in advance for devoting your time and providing candid input!


As a child growing up in Malaysia, street food was a huge part of my life – and my favorite dish was always Char Kway Teow. Early on, I began a quest to find the best CKT, bouncing around from stall to stall, listening to relatives say “the famous one” is at this stall or that one, even sending me to Penang for “the most famous” (which I found to be true!).

When we opened Hawkers I knew that this had to be a focal dish on the menu, but it had to be done right. This dish can either be the most incredible, smokey, savory noodles — or it can be soy sauce noodles! It’s all in the execution. In fact, this is my test dish to find out if individuals have mastered the art of wok cooking yet. You can have the same ingredients, same portions, same cooking equipment, but two completely different outcomes. So what’s the secret? Wok hei! Loosely translating to “breath of the wok,” wok hei is a smokey aroma that’s only achieved when ingredients are seared properly and pushed to their maximum potential in the wok.

So, next time someone orders CKT from you or you are cooking one up on the wok, remember the significance of the cooking technique and make SURE we are giving every guest that authentic wok hei experience that I hold so dearly in my heart!


Understanding our turf.

Ever wonder why our stores look and feel the way they do?
Our vibe is authentic to our experiences in Asia, as well as reflective of the ‘hoods we are connected to. Merging these two environments offers a unique sense of adventure to first-time travelers or returning regulars.


Penokie, Sarah 07/01
Chisari, Joe 07/01
Rivera, Natalie N. 07/02
Stokes, Lewis 07/05
Schindler, Steven 07/05
Campbell, Madison 07/06
Sellman, Demetriss 07/06
Kurtzo, Jason 07/07
Prendergast, Jessica L. 07/08
Austin, Tristan G. 07/08
Grace, Robert 07/10
Oduber, Kiara D. 07/11
Moore, Garrett 07/13
Lopez, Tony 07/13
Bowman, Corey 07/13
Greene, Jess J. 07/13
Hatten, Brooke 07/16
Torres, Angelica E. 07/16
Daddona, Samuel R. 07/17
Lopez, jimmi 07/17
Jimenez, Jessica M. 07/18
Cruz, Jaime 07/20
Joseph, Nerlande 07/20
Mendez, Rodolfo R. 07/20
Turner , Latunya N. 07/21
Chieves, Robert K. 07/22
Darby, Annie 07/24
Toller, Oscar D. 07/24
Crease, Jessica M. 07/26
Lima, Anthony 07/29
Scott, Kishana 07/31
Kelly, Caja 08/02
Auyong, Ronald T. 08/02
Cox, Daniel F. 08/05
Clark, Kristin A. 08/06
Bishop, Christina R. 08/06
DuBose, Alexis 08/10
Grubbs, Sarah E. 08/11
Clonts, Robyn C. 08/14
Chilel, Elfego 08/15
ungerecht, andrea l. 08/17
Marrero, Edward A. 08/18
Sullivan, Sarah D. 08/19
Rose, Jesy 08/19
Villalon Gonzalez, Pedro 08/20
Maaske, Regina l. 08/20
Campos, Omar 08/20
Manno, Edward 08/22
Perez, Joseph 08/22
Shirley, Shannon 08/24
Ford, Darnell 08/25
Ponzio, Amber 08/25
Lopez, Anibal 08/26
Davis, Mario 08/27
Dubs, Allison 08/27
Lane, Timothy 08/28
salvador, maria 08/28
Rankin, Carey 08/28
Bertrand, John 08/28
Le, Diane 08/29
Walker, Robert e. 08/30
Duong, Ying P. 08/30
Baldwin, Katelyn 09/01
Merrill, Sydney E. 09/01
Bassett, Stephen R. 09/01
Morales Chavez, Edwin D. 09/02
Sharpe, Ashley 09/03
Campbell, Devin 09/04
Palacios, Armando R. 09/05
Adams, Stacy L. 09/05
Ramos, Victoria 09/05
Truesdale, Saramanda 09/06
Duong, Yun P. 09/08
Strasnick-Kelly, Max R. 09/10
Matza, Marc 09/11
Harris, Jeffery Harris k. 09/13
Leonardo, Maria 09/14
Mays, Ahmad 09/14
Kasica, Shelby 09/15
Mendez, Jonathan T. 09/15
Noll-Cross, Haley 09/15
Vincente, Ervin 09/15
Magsambol, Andrea 09/16
Frezzell, Matthew 09/16
Kandl, Kayla 09/17
Badders, Mitchell 09/18
Kamal, Makenzie 09/18
Lawrence, Khanisha L. 09/18
Doyle, Lindsey 09/19
Carbonatto, Tianna 09/19
Hamilton, Noah J. 09/19
Mcintosh, Kaneesha P. 09/21
La Haise, Anna 09/22
Lee, Victoria 09/24
Dominguez, Lizbeth 09/24
Rodriguez, Antonio 09/24
Frering, Morgan L. 09/25
Steele, Jerrika 09/28
Gibbs, Casey M. 09/29
Chiapperini, Michael 09/29
Bailey, Alexander M. 09/29


August 30th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “YEAR OF THE HAWKER TAKEOUT CONTEST”

We’re giving one lucky winner free Hawkers takeout for a year! Here’s the DL on how to enter!
Step 1: Order some delicious Hawkers takeout, we’ll slip in an exclusive Hawkers magnet in the bag.
Step 2: Place your magnet on your car, cubicle, locker or anywhere imaginative to Share the Fare!
Step 3: Snap a creative photo of your magnet and tag #yearofthehawker with your social media post to enter the contest.
Stay tuned after October 7th to see if YOU’RE our lucky winner!

No joke… a free year of all your Hawkers favorites. Just be sure and order takeout between September 10 and October 7 (or while supplies last) to claim your magnet!

1. (1) magnet per order
2. September 10 through October 7
3. For carryout customers only
4. Does not apply to any 3rd party delivery service orders
5. Contestants must use the event hashtag to be entered to win
6. One Winner will be chosen and notified via social media
7. While supplies last
8. Promotion applies to food and non-alcoholic beverages only
9. (1) $100 gift card per month for 12 consecutive months

What are you waiting for? Find your nearest Hawkers and order your takeout to keep from missing out!


[email protected]

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Suite 250
Orlando, FL 32801


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